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    5:30 pm class every Monday - Friday starting Jan. 26
    7 pm class Monday and Thursday, plus first 2 Tuesdays of the month.
    7 am Awaken on Thursdays
    12:10 pm on Saturdays - 45 min - Flow.

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    Many thanks to our ongoing members
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    to share the practice of Yoga and improve lives.
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Why Choose 108 Yoga?

108 Yoga is a purpose-driven community of highly trained yoga teachers who are dedicated to sharing the gift of yoga. Designed for the modern yogi, we weave together traditional wisdom of yoga, ayurveda and meditation to provide more balance, more joy and less stress in your life. We offer experiences and knowledge that allow for an escalation of learning from beginning foundational studio classes to advanced trainings in spiritual practices, Ayurveda and yoga teacher training.


Yoga builds flexibility, strength and capacity in our body, breath and mind through asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), and concentration. The result is more joy, courage and vitality.


Means “the knowledge of life” and is the sister science of Yoga. Ayurveda guides you how to support your physical and emotional health through nutrition, lifestyle, self care, and cleansing.


The ultimate goal of yoga is to still the busy nature of the mind, so that we can have better clarity and become less reactive. Meditation is the practice that helps is achieve this goal.


Client Testimonials

As an active person I have found that yoga has been a great compliment to other sports; it has helped improved my flexibility and been beneficial in guarding against injury. Having never done any yoga before, the Foundations workshop provided me with the confidence to attend the classes, all of which felt like a natural progression. The atmosphere at the studio has been very welcoming and as a beginner it was nice to always feel included in the yoga practice, with alternative suggestions provided if things were too advanced for me. The enthusiasm of the instructors to help someone learn at their own pace has been a significant motivation to continue.

Chris Gare

From practicing yoga I feel physically better. I appreciate the friendly environment at 108 yoga. The biggest benefit that I have received from practicing yoga is that I feel physically better. I came back to yoga because I was feeling physically tense. I find that yoga helps me to be calmer and chases out the thoughts that swirl in my head. I have a job that has a lot of thinking associated with it and I find that I am less stressed when I have the time in a yoga practice to slow down. My approach to keeping myself healthy is doing something physical. I can tell when I am out of balance when I am up in my head too much. I appreciate the friendly environment at 108 yoga.


Lunchtime session is a great stress reliever in an otherwise crazy workday. I absolutely believe in a holistic approach to wellness, especially as it is lived out in the programs at 108 Yoga! In a lunchtime a attending a lunchtime session, I actually schedule it in and make time for me. It is so convenient and I feel great; and calmer. The lunchtime session is a great stress reliever in an otherwise crazy workday. I have recommended 108 Yoga to others and recommend it to you.


I really enjoy the classes and the variety of movements and energy that they provide. Each class leaves me feeling better, more relaxed, more focussed and physically less tired, which is lovely.

Audrey Muir

The team at 108 Yoga has worked closely with our therapists and trainers at One to One Wellness to understand both our approach to pain management and our prioritization of strength-based exercise. These teachers know that yoga is about developing awareness and exploring movement far more than aggressive stretching and showy poses. 108 is a safe and relaxing place for self-discovery that appreciates both modern science and ancient wisdom. Highly recommend this studio!

Nick Matheson