Celebrating Our Members

My yoga journey began about five years ago, and after the studio I frequented closed, I was without a “home studio” for a few years. I jumped around different community classes, and when the Groupon came out in the fall of 2010, I decided it would be the best way to try out yet another studio – one that was close to home and within walking distance from work.

As soon as I arrived for my first class, I realized it was my “home” studio. The space is inviting, and warm. The teachers are very knowledgeable and got me excited about learning more about yoga and how to apply some of the yogic teachings “off the mat.”

I work as a librarian at Dalhousie’s Sexton campus, and when I took a sabbatical last year, yoga became an essential part of my routine. The kick-start program with Sara Bannerman really “kick-started” my daily practice, and I went from practicing 3-4 times a week, to a minimum of 6-7 times a week. Sometimes I would even go twice a day! Friends started saying “What are you doing?! You’re glowing!” The meditation/prana and nourish (yoga nidra) classes are my favourite, and they involve practices I can also do at home. Either that, or if I just need a short stress relief after a long day, I I’ll burn some lavender essential oil, and rest in a restorative posture, like legs up on the wall.

Yoga offers me stillness of mind, an open heart, and daily reminders that there is so much to be grateful for!