After the first class, I was HOOKED!

Yoga has been a life changing experience for me. I first started at in January 2010 for a beginner’s workshop, not knowing anything about yoga except that the pants made your butt look great and that it involved a lot of stretching and deep breathing. I really didn’t have much hope that this would be something that I would enjoy or be overly interested continuing after the workshop. Looking back, I couldn’t be more wrong! After our first class I was hooked and couldn’t wait for the following week to see what was next. Any apprehension or intimidation i may have felt quickly vanished. Since Day One, Dorothy and the instructors at have been nothing but encouraging, inspiring and supportive of my journey towards self awareness. They always take time to answer questions, make new students feel welcome and to take the time to demonstrate any poses that may be challenging or difficult or offer up alternatives.

In a society that stresses us to push ourselves to work hard and be the best at everything, yoga has literally been a breath of fresh air. This is the one part of my life where there is no pressure of perfection, and the only one judging the final result is myself. As a result, my general perspective on work vs. play has changed immensely. Yoga has helped me to gain clarity. It has been challenging physically, mentally and spiritually. After I started my yoga practice, others noticed the changes in me before I even did. I have more energy, concentration and focus. It has helped me improve my relationships with friends, family and myself. It has improved my strength, flexibility, tension, happiness, stress level, mood and most importantly taught me the importance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual balance in my life.

I would (and have!) recommended the Yoga studio to practically everyone I come in contact with. For me, yoga is an extremely cathartic activity which I think can benefit any age, size, gender or fitness level.

My next step is to continue to grow in my yoga practice; challenging myself to try more difficult poses and rely more often on my breath to stabilize any fears or doubts I encounter. Although it is a constant struggle, I hope to continue to re-evaluate my current priorities and take my practice and experiences on the mat into other aspects of my daily life.